Android Installation Version 1.4 ----- 5.0 & Above Without Google Services


Instructions for Setting Up Your Teen’s Android Device for Monitoring


I.         Getting Started

  Important notes:

  • The location of Security and Accessibility Settings referenced below may be found in slightly different places depending on your device and Android OS version.


  • When you see “>”, this indicates a series of menus to navigate through on your teen’s Android device
  • Please allow 30 minutes for the setup process
  • You may find it useful to print these instructions for reference


Before you start, you will need two things to monitor your teen’s Android device:

  • Access to your child's Android phone with the phone in-hand
  • Your child's Android phone number



II.      Preparing Your Teen’s Android Device


Login to

  • Click on Add Child
    1. If you already added your child, click on your Child’s Name on the left
  • Click on Add Phone
  • Under Android, select either Add Monitor to monitor the child’s device or Add Control to control what the child can do on the device


 Follow the below instructions closely to ensure success in setup and to prevent your teen from receiving an alert


On your teen’s Android device, Configure Security Settings to enable TeenSafe Monitoring.


  1. Go to Settings > Security
    Note – depending on your device, these security settings may be located here:
    Apps > Settings > Lock screen and security

  2. Under Unknown Sources make sure Allow installation of non-market apps is checked or enabled
    NOTE: On some versions of Android this option may read “Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store
  3. A popup message will appear. Click OK.
  4. Next, from the Home screen tap on Apps > Settings

  5. Scroll down, locate and tap on "Google"  > Security 
    NOTE: This setting may be found at Apps > Settings > Personal > Google on some devices 
  6. Tap on Improve Harmful App Detection. Turn this setting OFF (Slide to the Left).
  7. Tap on Scan Device for Security Threats. Turn this setting OFF (Slide to the Left).


III.  Setup Your Teen’s Android Device


  1. On your computer click Enter your child’s mobile phone number. Click Send Text.
    A text message will be sent to your child’s Android device that contains a link to the TeenSafe application.


  1. On your child’s phone:  Find the sent text message and click the link contained in the text message:
    If the link doesn’t open automatically click Open URL

  2. On the TeenSafe Account Screen on your computer, click

On your child’s phone, click the Install TeenSafe App button. 

  1. A pop-up may display that states:
    "This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep droid.apk ?
    Tap OK

The TeenSafe App will begin downloading in the background and should only take a few seconds to download.  When it downloads, tap on Open or Install.

 Quick Tip: If you did not see the app when it downloaded or the Open button, Tap and Hold the top of the screen and drag downward to open the Notifications Menu. Then tap the file, droid.apk and Open or Install when prompted.    

  You may also find the file in File Manager > Downloads.

  1. On your computer, click Continue.

  2. On your teen’s Android device you will be prompted to enter your email address (the one you used to set up your TeenSafe account). Just below this you will see your child’s Android phone number. Tap Next


A. A pop-up will appear. Tap OK

B. Another pop-up will appear. Tap Activate


  C.  You may need to navigate to Apps > Settings > Personal > Accessibility and locate the Services section

  D. Locate the setting and turn it On or Activate

  E. If your version of Android does not have Google Services, you may be prompted to Install Google Services.

  F. Turn the device OFF for a few minutes and then power ON

  1. On the TeenSafe Account Screen on your computer, click Next
  1. Then click Start Monitoring
  • If you don’t see new data please logout of TeenSafe and allow 30 to 45 minutes for your child's Android device data to process.
  • Then login to TeenSafe and click your child's phone icon to begin monitoring. 
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