Uninstall Application Version 1.1

Uninstall TeenSafe Application
1) Go to Settings
2) Tap Location & Security (if these are two separate items then tap Security)
3) Go to Select Device Administrator
4) Uncheck if checked and tap OK
5) Go to Settings
6) Tap Applications
7) Tap Manage Applications
8) Tap
9) Tap Uninstall
10) Go to Apps
11) Tap My Files
12) Tap Downloads
13) Remove Droid.11apk

Once the application is uninstalled from the teen’s device, then you will need to remove the teen’s device from your TeenSafe account, using the instructions below.

Remove Device from TeenSafe Account
1. Log-in to your TeenSafe account at
2. Click on the child’s name to the left.
3. Above the Location Map, click on the Settings button.
4. Click on the REMOVE button for the Android device.

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