Why use TeenSafe over the competition?

Simply put, TeenSafe provides the safety and protection, ease of use, and peace of mind that every parent strives for in the digital age. We are proud that TeenSafe is the ONLY monitoring solution available for the iPhone that doesn't require you to jailbreak your phone.

  • SAFETY AND PROTECTION: TeenSafe uses powerful, highly-sophisticated technology to monitor your child's mobile screen devices, like smartphones and tablets. With this quiet connection to your child’s virtual and nonvirtual life, you can keep them safe while still allowing them online freedom and independence. Not only can you monitor texts, but with TeenSafe you can also track your child’s location and view social media posts for dangerous anonymous chatting apps like Kik and WhatsApp.
  • EASE OF USE: All you need to use TeenSafe is your child’s Apple ID and Password. With our user-friendly website dashboard, you have easy access to your kids online activities at the touch of a button. Need help with installation? We have a trained team of TeenSafe experts available via phone or online chat.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Our parents tell us that, because of TeenSafe, they now rest easy. Not only do they have a first-hand view of their child’s virtual choices, but they also have specific information that they can use to drive cooperative discussions, teach digital citizenship and family values, and strengthen that critically important parent-child alliance.



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